Why #lifeatTWINO

They say take care of your people and they will do the rest. We work hard to make sure TWINO employees get to enjoy a healthy, balanced and motivating environment while of course not forgetting about the fun part of #lifeatTWINO.


Growing in TWINO

Career growth opportunities

We believe in the potential in people, not in the years behind the desk. The ones who show initiative and proactivity are rewarded with greater responsibility, whether it's making a side-step or developing a career

Learning from the greatest minds

We encourage the exchange of knowledge between experts in various industries. Once every 2 months, we welcome guests for inspiring and educational storytelling. World-renowned entrepreneurs, startup founders, world-famous athletes, doctors & many others

Development of your choice

We give a lot of freedom when it comes to your personal development. You get access to an individual yearly development budget calculated from your salary that you can spend on the development activities you choose for yourself. Whether it's inspiring conferences or private mentoring sessions - it's all up to you

Growth Camp

Our training program Growth Camp allows us to expand our horizons through engaging, interactive & targeted learning sessions & workshops on various topics

Conference attendance

We push our people to fuel themselves with inspiration and motivation in local and global conferences. So far, our favorites are TechChill, Slush, Latitude59, Devternity, Money2020, DevOps Days and TEDxRiga

2 week paid educational leave

We believe in education. If you study for a bachelor's or a master's degree and need some time off for exams or theses, we offer up to two weeks of paid educational leave to help you prepare

Employee well-being

Competitive salary

We reward our people with a competitive salary and variable incentive pay linked to the individual and company's performance as well as a generous referral bonus for each friend that joins. To ensure we remain competitive, we regularly benchmark pay and benefits with other market players

Health insurance

Keeping our people healthy is our priority, therefore, we offer a comprehensive health insurance plan that supports physical and emotional health including medical and dental insurance, as well as assistance programs focused on mental health

Health days

We care for each other and for ourselves, so if you feel it's best to stay at home, no need to apply for sick leave for the first couple of days. Get better and return with renewed energy - we trust that the job will be done

Mental Health day

An extra day off when your body needs rest and your brain needs a break. Refresh your mind; do something meaningful, or simply take a break from daily stressors. Sometimes a little time away can make a big difference

Wellness program

Our wellness program is designed to promote and support a healthy lifestyle, set health goals, and offer rewards for engaging in healthy activities. It includes sports, education, and other initiatives covering physical, emotional cognitive, and social health

Gratitude practice

We make sure our people feel valued, which is why we have a strong feedback culture. At any time, you can ask or give quick feedback, even on the go. And of course, 360° feedback is equally ensured for every employee

Work-life balance

Additional holiDay

Work life balance is a must for each and every one. Whether it be 1st of September, graduation, your own birthday or anything else – you get 1 extra paid vacation day a year for special celebrations

Gifts for kids

We love to surprise the youngest members of the TWINO community – gifts on Christmas or when starting the school year, or tailor-made gaming kits is TWINO's way how to encourage kids to explore the world & have fun

Short Summer Fridays

During the summer we like to be extra efficient during the week to enjoy a shorter Friday as we finish work. Happier people on Fridays means happier people on Mondays as well


Team-buildings that combine work and leisure once a year for each team. Meet with your team outside your usual work environment, travel while working, and experience something new with your colleagues

Work from anywhere

We believe in the benefits of remote work and offer all our employees the possibility of working remotely. Think and work exactly where you're personally most productive

5 weeks of holiday

On top of regular paid time off, we give our employees extra days off and long weekend holidays in order to refresh, recharge, and get back to our best

Start-up environment

Hybrid office

We have a brand-new office space in the center of Riga. It is open and welcoming to all our employees for Team Days or other days when you don't feel like working remotely. We enjoy team gatherings and meetups at the office and believe that even in today's digital age, office space is extremely important to maintain a positive work culture and promote social interactions

Knowledge sharing

At TWINO, everyone has an opportunity to take the stage and pass on their knowledge to peers and the community. Our employees participate in international and local events (conferences, meetups, guest lectures) sharing their experience & know-how

Heavy social agenda

We love a good party and will find any reason to have one. We have our yearly summer team-building, we head to the slopes in the winter and have a grand Christmas party! We're keeping things interesting through social events, traditions, and celebrations. There's always something going on

No hierarchy & as little bureaucracy as possible

We are tech-savvy. We limit paperwork and try to avoid bureaucracy where it's possible. Trust and respect aren't something that depends on your level in the company. We encourage a working environment where the main role is to work together in synergy and transparency

The FinTech Industry

Work in one of the hottest industries in a cutting-edge company with the goal of changing the future. We are proud to be a part of the buzzing startup & fintech community

Ambitious and talented people

We work with top talent in the market, self-motivated people with initiative and ambition. Great sense of humor, the joy of life, never-ending energy, and always up for the challenge

Join to Win

Get a global career at TWINO – one of the hottest FinTech brands in Europe