Real estate securities

An investment offering providing investments in short-term rental properties and enabling portfolio diversification with equity-based securities. Start earning rental income and benefit from property appreciation with investment starting at just €100.

Issuer: AS TWINO Properties, a company registered in the Republic of Latvia, unified registration number 40203477150, legal address Pērses iela 2A, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia | Founding decision | Articles of Association | Financial statement 17.04.2023-31.12.2023

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A new way to invest in rentals

We have created an investor experience that simplifies the traditionally complex and time-consuming investing in rental properties, making it hassle-free and accessible for anyone. With TWINO, you can now buy shares in rental properties in seconds and start earning rental income and appreciation all while TWINO manages the properties. Only premium properties situated in prime neighborhoods that have a strong return profile and would offer both stable cash dividends and superior appreciation potential are offered for investment.

One security - two sources of income

Earn rental income and capital gains from the appreciation of the value of the property over time

Low minimum investment

Purchase a share of the property starting with as little as €100

Benefit from passive investing

Sit back and relax while TWINO takes care of real estate management and its daily operations

Our projects

Hoffmann Rezidence

Kugu 13, Riga

Real estate securities

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How it works


Selected real estate property is placed on the TWINO platform for subscription


Upon a full subscription of the specific property, equity-based securities are issued


The rental income of each property is distributed among investors as dividends


Capital appreciation is distributed to investors upon the sale of the property