When are Loan Securities issued?

You can subscribe for Securities once they become available on the TWINO platform. Once you select the desired amount of Securities, your funds are reserved by TWINO until the issuance of Securities.

:Loan Securities are issued at midnight (00:00 EET time), based on the reserved amount by the investors on a specific day. You will accrue interest starting from the day of issuance.

Here is an example:

Your Auto-Invest portfolio purchases 10 Securities worth €10 at 04:37 a.m., and then another 15 Securities worth €15 in the evening around 10:00 p.m. The amount (€25 in total) for both investments is reserved and visible on your Individual Investments page. At midnight (00:00 EET) 25 Securities are issued.

This example applies to investing in the primary market as Loan Securities available on the secondary market have already been issued.

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