What is the difference between the BuyBack Guarantee and the Payment Guarantee?

BuyBack Guarantee is offered for short-term unsecured consumer loans with a term of 1-2 months, while Payment Guarantee is offered for installment loans (unsecured consumer loans, business loans, invoice financing) with a term of 2-60 months.

Loans with BuyBack Guarantee:
TWINO will buy back any loan that is not repaid or extended in 60 days following the payment due date. Both the principal as well as interest will be compensated.
The borrower may extend a BuyBack Guarantee loan up to six times.

Loans with Payment Guarantee:
TWINO will repay the loan according to the original loan schedule regardless of delay or default by the borrower. Please note that after 60 days of delay the loan status changes to “Defaulted” and you cannot sell the loan on the secondary market anymore.
Payment Guarantee loans cannot be extended.

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