What type of investments can I make on TWINO?

With the help of TWINO you can invest in loans that have been issued by TWINO Group lending companies in 4 different countries (Latvia, Poland, Russia and Vietnam). Loan types are categorized into unsecured consumer loans, business loans and invoice financing and secured loans (TWINO Ventures).

Unsecured consumer loans are personal short-term and installment loans that are not backed with collateral by the borrower.

Business loans are installment loans that are issued to small and medium enterprises (SME) and come with a personal guarantee from the borrower that serves as an additional protection mechanism.

Invoice financing allows businesses to borrow money against the amounts due from their customers. The loans are backed by a personal guarantee.

Ventures loans are financing for various types of projects that are backed by collateral from the borrower. For example, with a first or second ranking mortgage, a pledge, and/or personal guarantees. Each project has a description about the borrower, collateral type, etc.

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