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Group Management

Armands Broks

TWINO founder

As the company's owner and founder, Armands drives Group's long-term strategy as well as works on new business direction development. Armands has extensive expertise in strategic planning, launching new markets and products, and remarkable leadership skills. Possesses a global business mindset and perception of opportunities.

Armands holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and he has been a private business owner for over 10 years.

"Challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone - is my inspiration."

Anastasija Oļeiņika


As CEO, Anastasija drives the overall success of the business by executing the strategy and increasing shareholder value. Her previous experience in the TWINO Group as CFO for three years and COO for one year has provided her with a thorough knowledge of Group processes and financial indicators, which in turn allows her to guide the company best.

Prior to TWINO, Anastasija worked in corporate finance and as a team lead in financial planning and analysis in a fintech. She gained valuable experience through coordinating the Group's annual budgeting and monthly forecasting processes spanning 16 countries and more than 30 products. Anastasija holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

"At TWINO we ask what we can bring to future, not what the future can bring to us. We are action-oriented – speed matters in our industry, it matters in our company."

Roberts Lasovskis

P2P Investment Platform Lead

Roberts is responsible for leading the growth, strategic development, and innovation pipeline of the TWINO P2P investment platform.

Prior to becoming the platform lead, Roberts worked in TWINO as Investor Adviser, closely communicating with our investors and working on strategic development that has led to over €1b EUR in loans being funded.

Roberts holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from BA School of Business and Finance and has worked in the online bank Dukascopy and Marsh & McLennan Companies. His previous experience has resulted in strong analytical and communication skills that Roberts now applies to lead the TWINO Investment Platform.

"All the great things ever made were just some small ideas at the beginning. Be creative, be brave, and make your goals happen."

Roberts Bite

Marketing Lead

As Marketing Lead Roberts drives the development and implementation of innovative digital marketing, UX, and CRM strategies across the whole TWINO Group.

Prior to TWINO, Roberts has gained knowledge both as an in-house expert and manager in an international fintech company as well as an agency-side asset. He has 10 years of experience in marketing, eCommerce, and journalism, including overseeing marketing activities in 9 countries and managing market launch strategies in 5.

Roberts holds a Master’s degree in Strategic and Public Relations Management and a Bachelor’s in Communications and Media from Riga Stradins University.

"I admire and find inspiration in people who challenge limits. I’m not a fan of staying in the comfort zone and I push our team to prove to the world that any existing and widely accepted limits can be challenged and pushed further."

Karīna Caunīte-Orupe

Chief Operating Officer

Karīna has been working in risk management for more than 10 years. She started her journey in credit risk management at one of the leading leasing companies in Latvia where she was responsible for development and introduction of the first credit rating model for private and legal entities.

Karīna joined TWINO Group in 2014 and helped the company to develop an effective multi-level risk management system for all company’s brands as Risk Management and BI Lead. Now she oversees all TWINO Group core business functions as Chief Operating Officer.

Karīna holds two MSc degrees - one in Business Administration, major European Studies, from the University of Latvia and MBA from Riga Business School.

"I am inspired by the continuous inquisitiveness I see around me."

Nauris Bloks

IT Lead

IT development at TWINO is led by Nauris, who has laid the foundations for innovative and progressive approaches to the Group's IT systems.

Nauris has experience in various IT areas - governance, support and security management, project management, and development. Yet his background is not only in the IT industry, but also legal and administration fields. This has contributed to developing a critical and systems-based mindset of how things do, should, and won't work. Nauris holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Latvia.

"We offer a lot of freedom and this freedom comes with responsibility. Our people are ambitious, driven to excel, to be the first ones, to be the best."

Laura Krastiņa

People & Communications Lead

As one of the Group's focuses in ensuring the wellbeing of its people, and that internal and external communication is an indivisible part of that, People (HR) and Communications functions have been merged into one person, led by Laura.

Laura previously was a board member and Communication Director in Carlsberg Group companies in Latvia and Estonia. She has a seven-year-long career as a journalist covering the economy, as well as served as the Managing Director for a food industry lobbying organization.

Now at TWINO, Laura uses her diverse and strong experience to lead the Group's external and internal communications, as well as to drive the Group's “people agenda” forward. All while setting TWINO as an example of an outstanding and innovative employer and brand.

"Constant change and striving for better results are what motivate me, and TWINO provides this motivation. FinTech is the future. The question is whether you want to be a part of it."

Aiga Krīgere

Legal Lead

As Legal Lead, Aiga leads TWINO Group's legal processes to ensure regulation is met in all Group countries, as well as works on TWINO Investment Platform legal projects. Aiga has strong knowledge in banking and financial law, licensing and registration processes within financial supervision regulators, ensuring legal compliance and dealing with fintech-specific legal issues. A great deal of experience was gained trough long-term working experiences in financial institutions and financial regulators.

Aiga holds a Master's degree from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law and a Master's degree from BA School of Business and Finances in Business Management of Creative Industries.

Regional Management

Ketevan Meparishvili

Country Manager of Asia

As Regional Manager for Asia, Ketevan is responsible for TWINO Group operations in Asia, including overseeing our business in Kazakhstan, researching new business opportunities in Asian markets, as well as leading our IT competencies center in Georgia.

Ketevan has been in the TWINO Group for over three years leading Marketing in Georgia and Business Development in the Group. Prior to TWINO she gained extensive experience in marketing. Ketevan has been the Marketing Director in international companies such as Subway and KFC, she has also held the Associate Professor of Marketing position in Caucasus University.

Ketevan holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Sanita Zitmane

Country Manager of Latvia

As Country Manager for Latvia, Sanita drives lending operations in TWINO's first market. She manages operations for both SME lending products as well as consumer lending products.

Sanita has strong experience in both banking and insurance. Prior to TWINO, she was driving the development of consumer lending products in one of the biggest banks in Latvia for 3 years. Sanita also has over 10 years of experience in insurance as a product owner.

At TWINO we strive for people with diverse backgrounds and are proud to have Sanita among our team with her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Philology from the University of Latvia.

"Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know, this is your chance to find new solutions and do things differently."

Izabela Sienkiewicz

Country Manager of Poland

In the role of Country Manager for Poland, Izabela drives TWINO Group business in Poland, which has become one of the biggest market players in the alternative lending industry.

Izabela has deep alternative lending knowledge as she spent more than seven years in a industry working for Wonga and TWINO. Having joined the company in 2015, she has deep know-how and understanding about the business and internal processes.

Iza holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Financial Management Services from Vistula University and now is doing a Master's degree in Strategic Business Management at Kozminski University.

Ashot Torosjans

Country Manager of Russia

As Country Manager for TWINO Russia, Ashot leads operations and oversees our business in TWINO's biggest lending market.

Ashot has strong financial industry knowledge and understanding as he has spent eight years in various different financial institutions in Risks and Collections prior to joining TWINO. One of his specialties is debt collection processes, as he spent over four years overseeing this field in one of the biggest industry players. Ashot is also known for his outstanding managerial and team leading skills.

Ashot holds a Master's degree in International Economics and Business from the University of Latvia.

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